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RESULTS FROM PHOENIX - the Giveaway continues!

Feel free to continue to post comments at the blog site as Phoenix results role in. There will be monthly Giveaways (starting the end of June) to award one copy of "Imminent Discovery" to a random person who commented during that month, and to the astronomy club that has the most members contributing during the month, up to the date that Phoenix fails! Comments received starting today will count towards the June drawing. Each person commenting receives one chance in the drawing or is counted once in the club competition, even if they comment more than once. There will be one last award of one copy of the 1962 Slipher book (Mars, the Photographic Story) to the astronomy club with the most total members contributing starting May 26th, 2008, until Phoenix fails.


Winner of the club with the most members comments (16) - The Albuquerque Astronomcal Society.

2nd place club (15) - Astronomical Society of Kansas City.

3rd place club (6) - Brevard Astronomical Society.

Winner of the "first club to 10 comments" - Astronomical Society of Kansas City.

Winner of the individual Random Drawing - David Liles (VP, Alachua Astronomy Club).

Congratulations, and thanks to all who participated. Hopefully Phoenix will discover signs of life to make these comments historic.


Giveaway Competition is closed, Thanks for participating.

Posting a comment regarding the possibility of life on Mars, and the chances that Phoenix will find it, clearly has potential historical significance. In addition, there are two giveaways associated with posting a comment (go to BLOG at top of page to post one)
(giveaways void where restricted by law....I hope they are not)

Astronomy Clubs:

Rules: First club with comment from 10 members, or (if no club reaches 10), the most at Phoenix touchdown (May 25th), wins 2 free copies of "Imminent Discovery, NASA's Phoenix and the Secret of Life on Mars". (CONGRATULATIONS TO ASKC 12:48 EDT Saturday, May 24th, for winning this part of the competition!!!) Remember, one comment per person, and (for clarification, beginning 12:18 EDT Saturday) each comment must be a separate entry

Additional Astronomy Club prizes (posted 5/14): The Astronomy Club with the most members providing comments on the blog site (one comment per person) as of Phoenix landing (using our clock at right) will receive one copy of Slipher's 1962 classic "MARS, The Photographic Story"; the second place and 3rd place clubs at that time at that will receive one copy each of "Imminent Discovery". Ties broken by random drawing,


Rules: Random drawing shortly after Phoenix touchdown of all individuals who provided a comment (one comment per person, and each comment must be a separate entry). One winner will receive one copy of astronomer Earl Sliphers classic 1962 book (MARS, The Photographic Story), a serious book that comes complete with a foldout map of Martian canals. A must-have book for those into Mars lure. There are currently about 110 individuals qualified for the random drawing. To be qualified, you must provide some method for me to contact you if you win.

Astronomy Club Standings

Club, Individuals Providing Comments

Albuquerque, 16
Kansas City, 15
*Astronomical Society of Kansas City (ASKC), has first reached 10 members contibuting comments, and has won 2 copies of Imminent Discovery; there is still a copy of Sliphers book to be won as of Phoenix landing, and one copy of Imminent Discovery for the second and third place clubs to be won.
Brevard, 6
Cheyenne, 2
Escambia, 2
Prescott, 2
Alachua, 1
Charlotte, 1
Howard, 1
Phoenix, 1
Pittsburgh, 1
Raleigh, 1
Saguaro, 1
Sheboygan, 1
Starchasers, Canada, 1
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 1

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